How Do You Replace A Tooth Filling That Fell Out?

How Do You Replace A Tooth Filling That Fell Out?

What happens when your tooth filling fell out? If you can’t find a dental specialist to replace your filling, your dental health can suffer. Bacterial infection, especially when eating food or drinking sugary beverages, can enhance the growth of bacteria in the cracks and root canal of your tooth. So, how do you manage a tooth filling that fell out? Patients should visit their previous dental specialist, particularly an endodontist, to make sure that the fillings won’t come out again. You can also check out more about root canal therapy and dental fillings at this Randwick dental practice. It may be crucial to get immediate attention for a tooth filling as part of your dental health care.


Why Do You Need A Tooth Filling?

When do you need to get a tooth filling? Most people think that only root canal therapy allows individuals to get a tooth filling after removing the bacterial infection. But, people with chipped, cracked, or small damage in a tooth can also get fillings. However, an essential cause of having a tooth filling is to fill in the gaps that cavities damaged. Neglected oral health result in tooth decay, especially if a person doesn’t brush their teeth very often. The advantages of getting a tooth filling are mostly due to their durability. Several fillings like amalgam or gold can last even up to 25 to 30 years. Nevertheless, a patient should look for a dental clinic with a board-certified dental specialist that practices this service.


What Should You Do When A Tooth Filling Fell Out?

When do you know if your tooth filling is loose? A tooth filling that fell out often feels like dull, phantom pain. However, it can gradually become severe that you need emergency services. Moreover, you can also notice how food debris gets stuck in your teeth frequently. Once you see a tooth filling that falls out, dentists recommend avoiding chewing on the area where the fillings fall out. For pain symptoms, you can also use over-the-counter (OTC) medicine like NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) from a pharmacy or drugstore. It may also help to use a saltwater rinse to decrease the pain. Ultimately, the patient must go to a dentist right away to treat teeth that fall. 


Various Types Of Fillings Can Last:

  • Amalgam filling: 5 to 25 years
  • Composite filling: 5 to 15 years
  • Gold filling: 15 to 30 years


Complications Of A Tooth Filling That Fell Out

Tooth Filling That Fell Out

What if you’re not able to get a replacement right away? It may be a worry for patients not to have immediate dental services for a dental material that falls out. You may opt for a temporary replacement, but it can still fall and may eventually be the reason for your lost teeth. Most people that take longer to go to a dentist can expect severe migraines or headaches. A dental abscess happens at the root of the tooth, which can also swell and bleed gums. According to periodontists, people that don’t treat their broken teeth can experience gum diseases like inflammation that results in more falls.  


How Much Do Dental Fillings Cost?

Apparently, a replacement for a tooth filling that fell out can have the same price as the previous dental filling. Your previous dentist can give you a reduced rate for your dental filling for goodwill’s sake. But, it may still depend on how old the filling was, how many gaps and cracks you have, and how severe the cavities are. Most insurance companies also have a retreatment package that can last for a long time. Hence, if you want to save on the cost of amalgams, composite, or gold fillings, you can also ask your health insurance company for advice.


Cost Of Dental Fillings (depending on surfaces):

On average, you can expect these costs to go higher or lower depending on the education and expertise of your dentist or doctor. Furthermore, if you live in bigger industrial cities or states in the US, you may find these price range.

  • Amalgam – $100 to $600
  • Composite – $100 to $550
  • Gold foil – $250 to $1850
  • Temporary – $150 to $250
  • Porcelain – $500 to $2800


Prevent A Tooth Filling Becoming Loose

How do you prevent loosen material that falls out always? A mouth that is exposed to broken or falling teeth can have many dental diseases. Mainly if the recent fall proceeds with eating or drinking caffeine or soda. Not only can your dental cement fall due to daily activities, but it can also fall because of the improper practice of the dental specialist. Caring for your mouth can be easy to say, but it can be hard to follow a routine. Regardless, here are other steps that you can follow to prevent more teeth from falling. 


  • Brush, Floss, And Gargle Correctly

A simple dental hygiene routine like brushing your teeth at night and after eating, can prevent cavities. The right angle of brushing and flossing should lower the chances of your gum bleeding or swelling. That said, being mindful of your dental health care can save you money from visiting an oral health practitioner often.  


  • Make Sure To Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Tooth Filling That Fell Out Treatment

Regular appointments with your dental professional can significantly reduce the signs of fall or decay. Since they can use an X-ray to analyze your teeth, you can also monitor your oral health. It may be best to go to a dental office to repair your broken teeth, considering that a cavity can come back. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as you see a filling fall out when you eat or sleep. 


  • Avoid Chewing Hard Objects

Are you a pencil or ice cube chewer? Those habits may be the reason why your teeth hurt often, and the silver substance falls. If you recently got a treatment due to a previous fall, you should wait for a few weeks until your dentist sees better results. You can still eat steak, bread, or other hard to chew foods. Don’t forget to remove the food debris with a string of floss and gargle to flush out the food. 

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