Single Tooth Implant Cost And How To Save Money

Single Tooth Implant Cost And How To Save Money

Tooth implants are a fantastic way to manage missing teeth without feeling like you’re wearing false teeth all the time. If you want to pay for better dental treatment, it can be a significant investment to have a single tooth implant that cost fair for missing teeth treatment. Furthermore, the dentists of Dental266 in Burwood suggest going through several options for patients that need missing teeth replacement. One single tooth implant cost may be too expensive for you. So, for people who want to save money, they may either get health insurance coverage or opt for other treatments available in dentistry today. 


When Do You Need Dental Implants?

If you’re not sure whether dentures, bonding, or dental implants to regain your perfect smile, it may be best to visit a general dentist for a consultation. Bacteria can continue to decay enamel and dentin, which causes our teeth to chip or crack. Moreover, dental diseases can cause periodontitis, a severe form of gum disease that can also cause tooth loss. There are many visible symptoms and side effects that lead to missing teeth which requires dental implants. So, if you want to save your health, you must get an X-ray assessment to know the condition of your mouth. 


Symptoms That Can Lead To Missing Teeth:

  • A wobbly or loose tooth
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Tender gums 
  • Swelling or bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Receding gum tissue 
  • Severe toothache
  • Painful jaw when chewing
  • Impacted wisdom teeth 
  • Cavities, Tartar, Plaque buildup


Comparing Single Tooth Implant With Other Oral Care Solutions

Are there significant differences between a single tooth implant, bridges, dentures, and other oral health appliances? If you want to choose the best option, here are some of our suggestions.


  • Normally, To Replace Lost Teeth

Single Tooth Implant Cost Factors

Any person should get as much information for treating their lost teeth as not all procedures can benefit their teeth. Besides, some dental treatments like a single tooth implant are not affordable. So, if you’re planning to save on the cost to replace your tooth, ask your dentist. Dentures are ideal for people with a middle range budget. Usually, patients that have weak gums that can’t hold abutments and implant screws get a denture. On the other hand, bridges are perfect for people with wide gaps between missing teeth. Also, most dentists suggest that a person who has missing teeth for a long time get bridges as instances like receding gums and jaw bone can’t correctly secure an implant or abutment. 


  • What Makes A Single Tooth Implant Different?

The benefits of getting a single tooth implant can save your adjacent or surrounding teeth. As the abutment only focuses on one area, the material won’t need reshaping or extraction of teeth (tooth). Moreover, it may also last longer than other standard solutions. Since it is usually made of titanium, the implant can last up to 15 years for the right dental care and management. It also helps to prevent bone loss, supports gums, and aren’t prone to tooth decay. However, a single tooth implant also has disadvantages like its high cost. Implants require a longer time for surgery and need several sessions to complete the process. 


How Much Does A Single Tooth Implant Cost?

Typically, dental appliances like braces and implants cost higher than traditional dentures, bridges, and bonding. Although they are more expensive, even a single tooth implant cost is enough for five (5) to ten (10) years to replace a missing tooth. In the US, a single tooth implant cost may range from $3000 to $4000, including abutment, crown, and jaw dental implant. However, some dentists may ask for a higher average cost depending on their clinic’s guidelines. In total, the lowest price for a single tooth implant can cost $2590 while it can go up to $6500 on average. If you want to know the exact amount for your single tooth implant cost, you can ask your health insurance company or your preferred clinic. 


Factors That Determine The Cost Of Dental Implants

Have you ever wondered why most dental care services are expensive? Medical and dental industries have various needs for equipment, tools, and instruments that are already costly to get. But, a professional’s training, skills, time, and the health risks that doctors, surgeons, and dentists go through determine the cost for all procedures. Additionally, health insurances and partnerships with a clinic or hospital may have limitations on what to cover. Even a consultation fee may or may not have coverage, depending on the policies of your health insurance company. 


Previous Treatment Needed For Dental Care

Did you have a root canal therapy or a tooth extraction for your oral disease treatment? If yes, then you may have to pay more for the overall cost in a dental office. Mainly, if the patient has a gum disease that needs gum rejuvenation, or requires antibacterial medicine, the fee can go higher. Make sure that you’ll ask your doctor about the process of your implant so you will know what to expect. 


Materials Used

Single Tooth Implant Cost Procedure

For now, the materials available for dental implants are only titanium and zirconium. The main difference between titanium and zirconium is the experience of dentists using these materials. As titanium is more common than zirconium, it has more trials and successful cases. However, there are also complications with zirconium as it doesn’t often have a high success rate with Osseointegration (joining of the jaw with the abutment). Titanium and titanium alloy is known to have less allergic reactions and resistant to corrosion. Hence, the cost for paying a single tooth implant can depend if you’re using either of these materials. 


Dental Expertise

Education in dentistry is not an easy course. Students can also expect to pay for the high cost of dentistry courses, residency, training, and several workshops. Even after graduating, licensed dentists have to pay more for specialization and continuing education programs. So, as a patient, it is reasonable to have higher fees even for consultation, X-ray assessment, and diagnosis.  


Number Of Teeth To Replace

Is it better to do a single tooth implant or go for more? Your dentist may suggest that you either have a fully supported or multiple fixed denture or bridge instead of having several tooth implants inside your mouth. Then again, it depends on your budget. If you can afford to pay for several single tooth implants, then it may be a better choice. 


Returning Patient

Did you have a previous dental implant operation? Recovering patients may have to pay more since reasons like infection, loose crown or abutment, and allergic reactions disrupted successful healing or recovery. The problem for some returning patients is the issue of health insurance plans. Some insurance agencies won’t pay for a second dental implant procedure. That said, you may have to prepare for out-of-pocket money for your next treatment. 


Location Of Dental Clinic

Single Tooth Implant Cost

In the US, states and cities have several policies for tax, dentistry practice, and the commercial costs for each service. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), dentists that live in states like California, Florida, Delaware, Or New York have various starting salary costs. Some patients may even go outside a country and prefer dental tourism for Asia (Thailand), Europe, Australia, or others to save on their budget. 


Can Health Insurance Reduce Single Tooth Implant Cost Fees?

A health insurance plan can help in reducing replacement costs for people with limited funds. It is important to note that prices last 2019 may be different for 2020 due to the current pandemic situation. In that case, you have to assure what option you require for your next appointment. You may want to see which insurance plans and programs are available to reduce single tooth implant cost. If you are worried about the different costs that can range from $2000 to $6500 then, you should check out a dental guide for replacing that pearly smile.  

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