Stationary Bike Exercise: Do Your Cycling At Home

Stationary Bike Exercise: Do Your Cycling At Home

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There are several activities we actually love to do that naturally support the exercise simultaneously. To point out, a few are walking, running, climbing the stairs, or riding a bicycle. We are doing these regularly. However, we are not entirely into it as our regular exercise. In this article, let me show you how we can do riding a bicycle to exercise indoors.


I love my bicycle

People use bicycles as a way of transportation, for fun and leisure, and for exercising. The bicycles are essential, especially to those living in areas where the usage of cars are very minimal.

outdoor bicyclesHere, we will tackle using a bicycle for exercise. Everyone can gain many health benefits from riding a bicycle. It increases cardiovascular fitness, as well as strength and flexibility. It also improves posture and joint mobility. In effect, riding a bicycle reduces calories and helps prevent diseases.

But if the weather is not good to ride a bicycle and exercise outside? Well, bring it indoors. There is the equipment you can use to satisfy your cravings for the exercise using a bicycle. They call the equipment a stationary bike.

They also refer to stationary bike as exercise bicycle, exercise bike, spinning bike, or exercycle. People use it to do exercise on a bicycle indoors. They made the components of a stationary bike almost identically the same as a regular bicycle. It is just different because it is a machine. Additionally, most of the stationary bikes have no wheels. It only consists of a flywheel moved by a belt or a chain.


Stationary bike exercise

Being a beginner in a cardio workout, they recommend stationary bike exercise as you are still adjusting. There are different paces that you can follow in a stationary bike exercise. It also provides the same benefit as walking or running.

Cardio workout is a kind of exercise put into practice to increase the heart rate vigorously. It also increases respiration and oxygen, and blood flow of the body. Consistently doing the cardio workout will improve heart rate results.

To point out, it is considered that bike workouts are the highest effective cardio exercise. They use bikes to improve general fitness and weight loss.  There are simultaneous improvements in the body while doing bike workouts that you should not miss.


Types of stationary bikes

Let us enumerate the different stationary bikes and see if we can give details about their distinctive differences.

  1. Upright bike – it is the most popular stationary bike used. These are the stationary bikes where pedals are located under your body. This bike can be used while sitting or standing. It benefits you by improving the strength of your leg and core muscles.
  2. Recumbent bike – it is the type of stationary bike wherein you are seated comfortably in a reclined position. This type is suited for those experiencing lower back pains. The bike’s larger seat provides support for the back.
  3. Dual-action bike – it is the stationary bike that is the least similar to a regular bicycle. It is provided with handlebars that can move back and forth. It helps you work out simultaneously with your upper body while pedalling and working on your legs.

You have to choose the type of bike that best fits you. The price also differs per type, for sure. You can ask a trainer to support and guide you with your cycling indoor. They can give you advice on how to maximize the use and full potential of a stationary bike. In like manner, bikes are mainly focused on exercising the legs. A trainer can help you balance your workout by including your upper body in your routines.


What are the benefits to gain from bike workouts?

  1. Help lose weight – burning calories under bike workouts depends on the intensity and pace of the exercise. You will be able to burn calories from the lower part of the body majorly.
  2. Enhance the heart’s health condition – bike workouts increase the heart rate. An increased heart rate demands a higher supply of oxygen. In like manner, the heart muscles become more active to satisfy the need for oxygen.
  3. Provides a low-impact workout – this cardio exercise does not require excessive effort to perform. It feels like riding a normal bicycle without leaving your place. It also strengthens your joints and bones without putting too much pressure. This makes this workout enjoyable. It promotes lessened risk or injury or strain.
  4. Allows personal training choice – the level of your training depends on you. It can be low, medium, or high based on your preference. You can adjust your level according to your cardio fitness targets.
  5. Promotes a safer workout – exercising indoors is safer than riding a bicycle outdoors. There are numerous hazards and risks that you will face when you ride a bicycle outside. You can now set aside your concerns while riding a bicycle outside. All you need to do is enjoy your workout at home.

There are more health benefits to enjoy by using a stationary bike. You don’t have to worry about the weather anymore. This will fit it all. Doing your cycling at home makes you complete your exercise routines with less hassle and lesser self preparations.

However, to use stationary bikes does not end up with a mere decision. You still have to check a few things before starting. We have stated some of them below that you better look upon. Securing everything is in place before you make a go is necessary.


Things to consider in using a stationary bike

  1. stationary bikeEnsure your safety. You have to check your heart condition. The trainer can confirm it for you. It must be fitted to the programs in line with the use of a stationary bike.
  2. Also, you should know the best duration of your exercise based on your body fit.
  3. It would be best if you do warm-up exercises before you increase the intensity of your biking.
  4. Incorporate stretching exercises in case you feel back pains.
  5. You have to know the proper positions to ensure comfortability while doing the exercise.
  6. Always keep yourself hydrated.
  7. Observe a cool-down period after your stationary bike exercise to reduce strains.
  8. You can do other things while you’re at your stationary bike exercise. Perhaps watch a TV or listen to music using your earphones.

Now, you don’t always have to think of the gym as the only option you have for your exercise. You can have a private gym indoor. Sometimes, you have to see the potential of your home to become your exercise ground.

Additionally, if you do your exercise at the comfort of your home, it is easier for you to return to the activities you bound to do after your exercise, such as your household chores and even look after your kiddos.

You will have a great boost of energy to consume after your exercise. You will feel lighter because you have reduced sources of health issues you have in your body. Maintain this regularly to keep living a healthy and happy life all the way!

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