Breast Enlargement Surgery (What To Expect From This Procedure)

Breast Enlargement Surgery (What To Expect From This Procedure)

What is breast enlargement surgery? What are the advantages of having this type of procedure done? This article will help shed some light as to what happens during breast augmentation surgery and the pros and cons of this surgery. After reading the article, you can read more on a similar topic of why it is important to explain your expectations before breast augmentation surgery.


What Is Breast Enlargement Surgery? 

Based on the name given this cosmetic surgery, it involves putting breast implants to increase the size of a person’s breasts. This plastic surgery procedure is usually used by people who are feeling self-conscious about the size of their breasts.  


Pros Of Breast Augmentation 

This type of plastic surgery comes as good news for people who are not comfortable with the way their breasts look. Breast augmentation or breast enlargement surgery is meant to help people find confidence in the way they look. Breast augmentation is not only used to alter the size of the breasts, but also the shape and placement of the breasts. breast enlargement surgery

If you are self-conscious about the way their breasts look, breast augmentation surgery exists to help people look for the ideal types of breasts that can add to how confident they feel about their looks. Also, if the person is a survivor of breast cancer or if they had been in an accident causing them to lose one of their breasts, the surgery can help provide them with a feeling of normalcy after the ordeal.  

This is called breast reconstruction surgery. It is used to help people who have lost their breasts to an accident or illness in the past. Breast reconstruction is meant to help boost the confidence of people who have lost their confidence in the way they look. Having breast implants can have an impact on a person’s overall appearance. People tend to have a more youthful glow about them after they get breast augmentation. 

Cons Of Breast Augmentation 

There are many risks that accompany getting breast enlargement surgery. There is the risk of surgical infection after the procedure. Also, some people experience redness and swelling in the days following the procedure. On top of these issues, new mothers who have had breast enlargement surgery done in the past may also find it difficult for them to breastfeed their babies. Some women find that it is completely impossible for them to breastfeed after having breast augmentation done.  


Are Breast Implants Safe? 

Most people do not experience complications when they get breast augmentation surgery. However, there is still the risk of developing an infection if the person is not able to keep the bacteria from forming on the surgical site. The risk of developing a bacterial infection will be present after any kind of surgical procedure is completed, but getting a bacterial infection is completely avoidable if a person is careful enough to follow the instructions their doctor gives them after the procedure.  

Another potential risk is if the person is allergic to the material in the breast implants. This is why it is crucial for patients to check with their doctors as to the materials used in breast enlargement surgery, to make sure that they are not allergic to any of the materials or even the anesthesia used in the procedure. 


How Painful Is The Recovery Process? 

You may be interested to know how the recovery process works. After you get off the operating table, you may expect to feel some pain after the anesthesia wears off. During the days following the surgery, people who have just undergone breast surgery may expect to experience some swelling and redness in the surgical site.  

As your breasts adjust to the newly put breast implants, you may also expect to feel the skin on your breasts stretch. The pain and discomfort you feel should subside as the days pass. The sore feeling breast enlargement surgeryshould last for around two to three weeks, but the discomfort should get less and less with each passing day. Your surgeon will prescribe medicines to help you manage your pain.  

Your surgeon will advise you to avoid lifting during the first few weeks of your recovery from the breast enlargement surgery. You will do well to avoid lifting your arms above your head during this time as well. Lifting heavy objects and lifting your arms may increase the risk of bleeding and displacing the breast implants. This will increase the risk of breast implant failure. 

During the first four weeks of the recovery period, you will need to wear a bra to support the breasts as they heal from the surgery. You will need to wear a bra even as you sleep at night, to make sure that your implants stay in place even as you move around during your sleep. Your surgeon will recommend a supportive bra that has no underwire so it will not bother you in your sleep. You may also need to buy a bra that is one cup size bigger than your normal cup size (the cup size after the surgery, not your old cup size) to make sure that it does not interfere with the healing process. 

The overall timeframe of the healing process of the breast enlargement surgery should take around six to eight weeks in all. However, this timeframe may become little longer should any complications occur. In a nutshell, there will be less chances of having complications if you make sure to follow the instructions set by your doctor. 

When Can You Go Back To Your Normal Activities? 

After you recover from the surgery, you will need to go back to your regular scheduled activities. After the six to eight weeks of recovery, you will gradually be able to go back to doing things you did before the procedure. When you cease to feel pain in the area of the surgery, you can ask your doctor if it is safe for you to drive and slowly go back to your normal life. 


Are You Thinking About Getting Breast Augmentation? 

If you are thinking about getting breast enlargement surgery, there are a few things you may need to consider before you do. Here is a list of things you may want to think over before making your decision to push through with the surgery. 

Choose Your Doctor 

Picking the right plastic surgeon is crucial. If you choose a surgeon who is not skilled, it may result in a botched surgery. You will regret having the surgery if the desired results you want will not be met in the end. So just like in any medical, or cosmetic surgery, choose an expert surgeon for the best results.

Decide On The Size And Shape You Want 

It is very important to describe the exact final result you want to achieve using the surgery. It is a good idea that you find pictures of the desired results you want to have and show them to your surgeon. They clearer you are able to describe your desired results and explain your need for the surgery, the less risk you will have for the doctor to get the results wrong. 

Think About The Recovery Process 

Consider the recovery process and see if you can handle it. If your pain threshold is low, keep in mind that there are pain killer medications to help you get over the pain you feel during the surgery. If you have any questions about the recovery process, or feel that you may have trouble in one or more aspects of the recovery process, talk to your surgeon. They will be more than happy to help you find solutions to the problems you think you will encounter while recovering from your breast enlargement surgery. 

Find Support 

Lastly, it is essential for you to find support for when you will be recovering after the surgery.  If you live with family members, it is important to find someone to drive you home after the procedure. You will also need to get someone to help you with daily tasks that you will not be able to do because your range of movement will be limited as you recover. 

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